Youth Leadership Cultural Programme

Inter State Youth Exchange Programme

GVSS has organized one day Youth Leadership & Cultural programme on 30 Oct. 2010 at Hindusabha Bhawan, Piparcity. The key objective of this programme was to associate the youth to civil society organizations. It was felt that association of youth to these organizations is essential because the young generation is turning away from the creative works due to globalization. It is also assumed that there are some powers that are derailing the youth from the productive sides.

In the above milieu, GVSS conducted several youth awareness camps for young boys and girls. In these camps, a series of discussions were made, where analysis of current social paradigm and introspection on the creative areas of youth was done. Subsequently, they were motivated to work actively with the social leaders of civil society organizations. Consequently, the youth are coming forward for the betterment of their communities.

Organization is making hefty efforts for protecting the self-esteem of Dalit community and shielding of their rights. GVSS intends to form a right based organization for Dalits and started sensitizing the Dalits, Youths & aware communities. In order to increase the youth participation in this advocacy led movement, organization conducted an awareness led cultural programme where 64 youth participated