Self Help Group - I

As an important step towards self reliance of women, the organisation is forming SHGs since 2001 which are well connected with bank credit linkages.The system was formed with the primary objective to establish to meet with the financial requirement of the Dalit communities and mine labourers.

Objectives to form SHGs are as follows:

  • To prompt poor families from exploitation of money – lender.
  • To establish an alternative system of their own through SHGsto meet with the financial requirements of the poor families their village level.
  • To form a village level organisation, through which the social issues related to Dalit labourers can be addressed collectively, along with the financial issues.

Massive inclination is observed from other villages for SHGs, because of their livelihood activeness& for just social structure. On the other hand, organisation is receiving positive responses from other villages for availing same advantages.