Rural Information Led Programme

Workshop on Rural Resource Informatics Centre (RRIC)

GVSS organized a one day workshop in collaboration of Rashtriya Gramin Sansthan Parishad, Hyderabad on 15th Apr. 2010 at Tamrined restaurant, Shri Pratap Tower, Residency Road, Jal jog Chauraha, Jodhpur. Various NGOs has participated in this workshop. Discussions were held at length regarding aims & execution of work of rural resource informatics centre. Decisions were taken after having detail discussions with the participants on the following issues:

  • Lack of high technology education in rural areas.
  • Source of information as education.
  • Exchange of experiences and various information.
  • To discuss about education, health education, water resources, agriculture resources etc.
  • To tailor the information according to the long & short time period.
  • To generate awareness towards ‘Right To Information’.
  • To sensitize community people towards rural development.
  • To impart information related to rural development schemes to community people and execute the schemes.
  • To form community based organizations, for social services to be rendered in rural areas.
  • To coordinate between various governmental & non governmental institutions.
  • To generate public opinion against the social evils prevailing in the working areas of GVSS.
  • To establish and strengthen the youth leadership for the issues of rural development.