Rules Panel Of GVSS

Functioning Of Organization

For the better functioning of organization & successful implementation of all tasks, GVSS has adopted an apt system as hereunder:

  • Execute entrusted task with sense of responsibility and absolute honesty;
  • Maintaining the image of the organization;
  • Acquainted about the complete activities of the organization;
  • Judicious use of organizational resources;
  • Respect towards women colleagues,;
  • Display of good moral character and sound behavior in consonance to the local milieu (Language, living style , dressing code, food habits);
  • Follow the administrative orders of the organization with respect;
  • Stay away from political affair of any political party;
  • Execute entrusted work with outmost responsibility;
  • No bias attitude towards selection of individual beneficiaries;
  • Actively participate in the monthly meetings with all information related to one’s assignment/project;
  • Follow the tasks assigns in the monthly meeting;
  • Execute entrusted responsibility with acute interest.