Future Plan

Programme Outline for the next year

Presently GVSS is benefiting 187783 deprived persons as direct beneficiaries. It is working in 850 villages covering 15 panchayat Samitis of 7 districts of Jodhpur & Ajmer division. Organisation wishes to expand its working area in other division also by initiating innovative need based and scientific ventures. In future GVSS intend to motivate weaker sections for attainment of their self reliance and self dependence. Organisation believes that with collective efforts we can solve the problems. In this regard, GVSS will bring people together through massive awareness campaigns & innovative capacity building programs, to encourage them in troubleshooting.

In the next year the organization will finish the tasks, which had not been completed last year. GVSS will make dynamic efforts to sustain it in future.

Networking Design

Recognizing the current needs, GVSS is trying to create network partnerships with likeminded institutions like – NSS/NCC wings of schools, colleges/Universities, CSOs and SHGs.

The next year’s action-plan will include:

  • To execute, care & support for HIV/AIDS;
  • To work for science & technology in rural areas;
  • To establish Youth leadership and to work for youth employment;
  • To link, deaf & dumb children with education;
  • To work for the welfare of physically challenged and old aged people;
  • To link women with employment;
  • To work for potable water and total sanitation.


With initial roll out in 6 districts in Rajasthan, GVSS intends to expand in other districts for the betterment of Rural & Urban communities. It is a first step of GVSS towards the hard path of village development. In this optimistic journey, we would need your cooperation and guidance in future also, to meet the challenges. Organisation will initiate innovative need based and scientific ventures in current and new areas.

GVSS will run a massive education campaign on HIV/AIDS and trafficking and rights of infected people in all districts of Rajasthan. It will conduct women & children's interaction program for their development on different aspects of their lives in a participatory manner. It will extend its support to grass root organizations of Rajasthan by running training/workshops on Rights-based Approach and advocacy, capacity building of NGO functionaries, Program management (planning, implementation, monitoring), report writing & proposal writing. Organisation will work extensively for the rural/urban community at broad level in terms of Social Mobilization, HIV/AIDS, trafficking, Gender issues, Water conservation & PRIs strengthening.