Education Programme - IV

Condensed course for Education for Adult Women

In association with State Social Welfare Board, Jaipur, GVSS is running its second batch of the condensed course of education for adult women from 1 Apr. 2009 at Bhadwasia, Jodhpur. Identified 25 women of SC, ST & OBC are being educated. They have been provided free books up to grade V. Along with the education these women participants were benefited with free 3 month training programs of sewing and aari-taari to make them self-dependent. Participants were made skilled in preparing pickles, jam, gulkand & squash under Food Processing training. This training also included many more skillful activities such as - binding, canning, rexine bags, hand-made fans, aari-taari, sewing, knitting sweaters, doll making, cotton toys etc.

Objectives of the condensed course of education for adult women are as follows:

  • To educate & impart skills for enabling the women for the indentified profitable employments.
  • The main aim is to impart 2 year primary education to the adult women.
  • To provide assistance for making women self dependent and increase their social participation.