Our Pleasure to Say

About Gram Vikas Seva Sansthan (GVSS)

Gram Vikas Seva Sansthan (GVSS) is non profitable, non political & non-governmental organization. The idea to build a caste and classless society having exploitation free social structure, was initially conceived after the social services rendered by Shri ML Choudhary in the rural areas. Some enlightened people of neighboring villages having some ideology and concern for the society were brought together to serve for the cause.

The aim of GVSS is to empower people socially, economically, politically and to bridge the gap by providing help and support to the poor and downtrodden in the field of women and children health, education and livelihood which would subsequently link them with the mainstream society. It was felt that to proceed further with the mission the need of local support and initiative is essential

Change in the conventional structure of the community was required to make people aware of their human rights, which could enable them to attain dignity and self dependence. Consequently the dream came true in the form of Organization which was well received at the local level of village populace by the experienced social activists who made it possible to keep pace with the target.

GVSS is registered under the Rajasthan State Societies Act, 1958. The organization is working since 21 years in the rural and urban areas of Jodhpur, Pali, Jalore, Jaisalmer, Barmer & Nagaur districts. GVSS is organizing various activities focusing upon the education for weaker sections of urban areas, primary education for child labor, Childline 1098, women and child health, agriculture, environment, self help groups, fundamental rights, AIDS control and prevention programme, puppet shows for health awareness, AIDS awareness for Jan Chetna, Family Counseling, Part-time shelter for girls and women, rural centers for health (Urban RCH), income generation, Total Sanitation campaign, environment awareness, women empowerment and income enhancement.

While working in this area for a period of 5 years, it was felt that exploitation, women empowerment and child labor were the issues which had to be addressed very strongly; therefore, these issues were taken up in the first phase.

GVSS is making vigorous efforts to meet the challenges of social concern since last 21 years. Organization is motivating and extending support to the people of weaker sections, who are deprived of basic essential commodities or discarded, or victimized by the act of exploitation to fight the battle of life at their own, on socio-economic & political issues.

Our Vision

Exploitation free society based on equilibrium.

Our Mission

To generate awareness and to develop leadership for the downtrodden, especially for women towards their rights, which will subsequently, lead to a better living standard.

Gram Vikas Seva Sansthan's Objectives

  • To provide education to all children irrespective of any caste and creed.
  • To provide education to the poor discarded and backward families.
  • To conduct various programs on population stabilization, health, AIDS awareness & environment conservation.
  • To help the penniless in providing residential facilities and establish a ideal society.
  • To conduct vocational trainings, Training centers, Library, Reading room, School, hostel, child home, creche & Maternal and child health programs.

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